MTX loaded Mercedes ML from Russia

Installation SQL (niveau concert de rock) de folie dans un Mercedes ML

Our friends at Bonanza in Russia just finished a project they started back in 2018… It took long, but the result is one of the most impressive MTX demo vehicle ever… From the rims to the paint to the sound system, this car is intimidating.

48 RTX high efficiency speakers, 12 TX812 Superwoofers, 9 RFL Really Fu…g Loud amplifiers… The total Peak output power of the amps reaches 43200W.
The car is designed as a mobile discotheque. You just have to open the two front doors to get a super loud mobile PA system.

At the Emma Russia 2020 opening event that took place in Tver on August 1st, the MTX loaded Mercedes ML took two first places in two different categories the same day:

  • 1st place in ESPL Expert
  • 1st place in ESQL Extreme
Congratulations to the winner and his system built on MTX components.
RTX Series Speakers, RFL Series Subwoofers and Top RFL Series Amplifiers seam to be the perfect bunch of ingredients for victory!



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